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Grandma-To-Be Totally Doesn’t Get ‘Bun in the Oven’ Pregnancy Announcement

When couples find out they’re pregnant, one of the first things many of them think of is how they will tell their family and friends the exciting news.

After battling infertility for 11 years, this couple FINALLY got to tell their parents that they are expecting their first baby…

They went with the classic ‘Bun In the Oven’ announcement…

Unfortunately, the ‘Grandma-To-Be’ didn’t quite get it at first. And it’s adorable…

(she catches on at the 2:03 mark)

SO happy for them. Congrats!!

If Your Destiny Includes Tasting Chicken Nuggets for a Living…You Better Read This.

Are you just waiting for it to be legal for you to marry your favorite plate of chicken nuggets?

If so, I just found the PERFECT job for you.

B&M – a company in England – says they’re looking for ‘chicken nugget enthusiasts’ to test out some of it’s products for quality purposes.

You can apply here

Now you can get a job as an official chicken nugget taster — WalesOnline (@WalesOnline) January 16, 2018


Watch this Nosey Bird Photobomb a Weather Report

The weather reporter handled this like a pro…

Watch what happens when a BIRD starts checking out the camera during a weather break in San Francisco last week:

The best thing about this video is it gives us the chance to re-live this HILARIOUS video of another weatherman getting the you-know-what scared out of him when a SPIDER started walking across the camera during his report.

Would You Wear ‘Smart Underwear’ That Sends Info About You to Your PHONE?

Would you wear ‘Smart Underwear’ that tracks your heart rate and body fat?

Me either.

But it’s here, thanks to a company called Skiin.

Their ‘Smart Underwear’ (for men and women) as well as their ‘Smart Bra’ also promises to track your temperature, body fat, and hydration level, thanks to sensors embedded in the band. After collecting information about your health and fitness, it is stored on an app in your phone.

"Smart Underwear" The Ultimate Wearable Tech (Video) — SouthFloridaReporter (@SFLReporter) January 12, 2018

If you’ve always wanted to turn on your smart thermostat with your smart underwear – you’re in luck!! These can be programmed to do that too.

Of course you can control your smart home with your underwear via @mashable — SKIIN Smart Clothing (@2ndskiin) January 10, 2018

They’ll cost you $279 for a 4-pack and can be pre-ordered here to ship this Summer.

The jury’s out on how you wash these dang things, but I’m sure there are details somewhere.

You do have to re-charge them though, so there’s that. Maybe next to your phone on the nightstand.


These People Hanging Out at the Beach Helped a Little Boy Find his Mom…in the Most Incredible Way

Picture this. You’re a little kid, lost at the beach with no idea where your mom is…

Maybe even scarier, picture being the MOM who has no idea where her child is next to a MASSIVE body of water.

That’s what happened in Brazil to this mom and her  little boy – until the most amazing thing happened.

Watch these COMPLETE STRANGERS interrupt their day hanging out at the beach to CLAP until the mom located them, and her son.

Apparently this is a common thing in Brazil that people do to help lost kids find their parents. We should ABSOLUTELY start something like that here.

Incredible. ❤

Celine Dion Handles This Drunk Stage-Hugger Like a PRO

Is there anything Celine Dion ISN’T good at??

Earlier this week, she decided to pull a woman on-stage with her at her show in Vegas.

What she didn’t know at the time, however, was that this woman was incredibly drunk.

As they began talking, the woman grabbed Celine for a hug…and then things got frisky.

Instead of allowing security to quickly escort her off the stage, Celine talked to the woman and eventually agreed to walk her to the side of the stage.

Afterwards, it came out that the woman had just found out that her son had just had a bone marrow transplant and wanted to tell everyone to be a donor (hence why she probably grabbed the mic a couple of times in the video).

After the woman left the stage, Celine said to the crowd “You know what? Some people go through alot and some people need to talk. And I want to say thank you to all of you because for maybe five minutes we had given this lady a moment to talk.”

Pure PERFECTION (again), Celine.



This is not a drill…

Justin Timberlake just announced that he’ll be hitting the road for his ‘ The Man Of The Woods Tour’…and he’s stopping in TAMPA on MAY 15th!!!!!

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, January 29th and stay glued to our FB/IG and Twitter for info on any pre-sale codes that we get.

Here’s a full list of dates so far:

03.13.18     Toronto, ON 03.18.18     Washington, D.C
03.21.18     New York, NY
03.25.18     Newark, NJ
03.27.18     Chicago, IL
03.31.18     Cleveland, OH
04.02.18     Detroit, MI
04.04.18     Boston, MA
04.08.18     Montreal, QC
04.12.18     Salt Lake City, UT
04.14.18     Las Vegas, NV
04.24.18     San Jose, CA
04.28.18     Los Angeles, CA
05.02.18     Phoenix, AZ
05.05.18     Tulsa, OK
05.07.18     Columbus, OH
05.09.18     Nashville, TN
05.11.18      Atlanta, GA
05.14.18     Orlando, FL
05.15.18     Tampa, FL     Amalie Arena      Presale 1.24
05.18.18     Miami, FL
05.19.18     Ft. Lauderdale, FL
05.23.18     Houston, TX
05.27.18     Dallas, TX
05.30.18     Memphis, TN THIS. IS. SO. EXCITING.

New Justin Timberlake is HERE!! Check Out ‘Filthy’…

It’s been a year and a half since we got new music from Justin Timberlake…but it was worth the wait!!

This week, he announced that his new album – ‘Man of the Woods’ – will be out February 2nd.

And this morning, he gave us the first single, ‘Filthy’…what do you think?!

The video tho… :-0



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