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Jimmy Kimmel’s Pancake-Making Skills Are Going to Leave you SPEECHLESS.

On Sunday night, Jimmy Kimmel was living the big time celebrity life as he hosted the Academy Awards.

Monday morning, however, his little girl brought him right back down to earth as she had him up at 6:56am making pancakes for her for breakfast.

BTW, can we talk about how RIDICULOUS Jimmy’s pancake-making skills are?!

At first, as I scrolled through his Instagram, I thought ‘oh cute, he was up early after a long night making pancakes for his daughter that look like little donuts….’

And then I saw this…

And these…


I’m not sure how he does it – but pancake artistry seems to be a common thing in the Kimmel household and I’m suddenly starving.


Because You’ve Been Patiently Waiting for a Beer with GLITTER in It…

I’m in my 30s, and there’s one thing about me that hasn’t changed as I ‘grow up’ – I. LOVE. GLITTER.

But even I’m not so sure about this new GLITTER BEER that has been popping up at some breweries across the country…

Let our beautiful #trapperkeeper saison (w/ glitter ) brighten up your Monday! #cltbeer #MondayMotivation #lisafrank #sparkle — Bold Missy Brewery (@boldmissybrews) February 19, 2018

Your first question, obviously, is ‘BUT ISN’T IT DANGEROUS TO EAT GLITTER?’

Regular glitter? Yes. But they claim that this is a special ‘edible’ glitter that dissolves, causing no real issues.

So…would you try it?!

Trying to Cut Back on Social Media? Maybe this ‘Dumb Phone’ Can Help…

I’m sure you’ve tried to cut back on your social media use at some point, BUT WHY IS IT SO HARD?!

According to a new survey, 40% of people say it would be ‘difficult’ to quit social media completely…but this is a pretty dang good place to start.

Check out the Light Phone 2…

This beautifully designed 'dumb phone' can only make calls and send texts — and it might be the key to curing our addiction to apps — Business Insider (@businessinsider) March 1, 2018

Unlike your “Smartphone” that allows you to be everywhere and do everything, this “Dumb Phone” only does the basic stuff…makes calls, sends texts, handles simple directions, and allows you to set alarms.

It’s available for pre-order right now for $250, but there’s a catch…it won’t ship to you until  April 2019.


Ummm Why is Mandy Moore Crying on ‘The Ellen Show’?!

Don’t worry…you’ll be crying too after you see this game…

Mandy Moore will be on ‘The Ellen Show’ today.

During her interview, Ellen whipped out one of those plastic retainer-type things from the ‘Speak Out’ board game where your mouth is pried open and people have to guess what you’re saying as everyone fights back tears from laughing so hard.

As you can see, Mandy was up for the challenge and even made herself cry as she tried to get Ellen to guess what she was saying.

Her poor mom.

Bedtime Beats: Toad on the Road

See What Happens When Jennifer Lawrence Takes Shots During Her Interview with Stephen Colbert

As if Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t already honest…

During her interview on ‘The Late Show’ this week, Stephen Colbert asked her (on a whim) if she wanted to take a shot as they started their interview.

Of course, she accepted.

After the first shot, it looks like rum may not be her drink of choice…oh, but just wait til those other shots settle in, girl.

Shoes off – curled up in a chair – trash talking.


Justin Timberlake Just Announced the Opening Band for His Tour…and the Lead Singer Sounds JUST LIKE HIM!!

Imagine covering a Justin Timberlake song, hearing that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE heard it and loved it – and ending up on tour with him a few years later.

That’s basically what’s happening for The Shadowboxers, the band that Justin has just announced will open more than 30 dates on his tour, including May 15th at Amalie Arena.

Here’s the song that got them discovered…their 2013 cover of JT’s ‘Pusher Love Girl’…

Their lead singer kinda sorta sounds JUST like Justin, doesn’t he?!

Here’s the original, if you need something to compare it to:

And that’s not the only place you’ll hear the resemblance. Check out their song ‘Runaway’…

DEFINITELY a great reason to show up early for Justin in May.

Can’t wait to see these guys!! ❤

200 items
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