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What to know about the ‘Doomsday Vault,’ why we need it and what it’s for

Deep beneath an icy Norwegian mountain, above the Arctic Circle, lies the largest concentration of agricultural diversity on Earth.

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The Svelbard Global Seed Vault, also known as the “Doomsday” vault or bank, is designed to save the world’s crops and plants if disaster strikes.

Recently, after water flooded the facility and questions about the threat of climate change arose, the Norwegian government decided to plan a redesign of the vault’s structure.

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Here are seven things to know about the vault:

What is the purpose of the vault?

If disease pandemics, asteroid crashes, climate change or any other global catastrophes were to ensue, the seeds stored in the Global Seed Vault could be the source for humans to regrow the crops needed for survival.

But the vault was actually intended as a secure storage space for samples of other crop and plant collections at risk.

Where is it?

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The vault is located on the Arctic tundra island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard, Norway. The icy mountain housing the Seed Vault is called “Platåberget,” or “plateau mountain” in English, according the Crop Trust.

The vault is about 400 feet deep inside the mountain.

What does it store?

More than 930,000 varieties of food crops are stored in the Global Seed Vault. It has the capacity to store 4.5 million seed samples with each sample containing about 500 seeds, so, according to the CropTrust, a maximum of 2.25 billion seeds can be stored in the vault.

One room in the vault houses seeds for more than 150,000 different varieties of wheat.

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How much did the vault cost to build?

The Global Seed Vault, which opened in 2008 was administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food on behalf of the Kingdom of Norway and reportedly cost approximately $9 million to build.

Who is in charge?

The Global Crop Diversity Trust (Crop Trust), Nordic Gene Bank (NordGen) and an international advisory council help manage the facility, its funding and operations.

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ICE agents eat breakfast at restaurant before detaining 3 workers, owner says

A Michigan restaurant owner said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents sat down and ate breakfast Wednesday before taking three of her employees into custody.

All three workers are in the country legally, Sava Lelcaj told Lelcaj is the owner of Sava’s Restaurant in Ann Arbor. 

“They came in looking for one person, who was not on duty,” Lelcaj said. 

The ICE agents then went into the restaurant’s kitchen and began questioning workers. Three people were detained and taken to the Detroit ICE office. 

Lelcaj said the workers have the proper documentation to be in the United States, but did not have those documents on them when questioned by the agents. 

“We do the best we can to hire, to vet and screen and be compliant,” Lelcaj said

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One of those workers, Carlos Rivera-Ochoa, told on Thursday that he always carries his permanent resident card in his wallet, specifically for instances like what happened Wednesday. 

He still was handcuffed, put in a government vehicle and fingerprinted, said Rivera-Ochoa’s wife, Nicki Sanchez. She translated for her husband, who speaks little English. 

Sanchez said her husband told her the ICE agents did not identify themselves in the restaurant.

“They just slapped some handcuffs on him,” Sanchez told “Not only is that offensive, (but) he was embarrassed in front of the whole restaurant. Why didn’t they ask him before they detained him?”

It took about five minutes for the agents to learn that Rivera-Ochoa was in the country legally, and to let him go.

Restaurant employees said that customers eating at the restaurant when the ICE agents began questioning the staff called a local “rapid response team” that assists immigrants in the area. Luis Paez, a member of the team, went to Sava’s to see what was going on.

“I am appalled at the current situation in the United States,” Paez told “I am trying to get information about what really happened and help as much as we can.”

The news outlet reported that Ann Arbor police officials said they were made aware by ICE officials that there would be a targeted enforcement detail at the restaurant Wednesday morning. The department was not asked to participate.

United, American jets clip each other on airport runway, officials say

Two planes clipped each other Wednesday evening while on the ground at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, airport officials said.

No one was injured in the incident, which happened at 8:22 p.m., airport officials said. Passengers on both planes were kept on the tarmac, awaiting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to bring them back to their gates.

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A United Airlines jet hit an American Airlines plane while one was pulling in and the other was backing out, airport officials said.

American Airlines released this statement late Wednesday, describing the incident: “The wingtip of another aircraft came in contact with American Airlines Flight 2675, which had just arrived from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The American Airlines plane was stationary at the time, as it was waiting to taxi to the gate. No passengers or crew members were injured.”

According to American Airlines, its plane was a Boeing 737 that had landed in Austin at 8:13 p.m., carrying 149 passengers and a crew of six. 

Few people flying into and out of the airport should experience delays, airport officials said, though people should still check the status of their flights at this website and toggling between “Arrivals” and “Departures” at the top of the webpage.

Thousands Raised For Homeless Men Who Rushed To Aid During Manchester Bombing

Thousands Raised For Homeless Men Who Rushed To Aid During Manchester Bombing

Police called after adults brawl at kindergarten graduation

A fight broke out at an elementary school graduation ceremony in New Mexico Wednesday, but no kids were involved.

A scuffle among adults broke out at Dolores Gonzales Elementary School during the kindergarten graduation ceremony.

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A school spokesperson told KRQE that the incident began when two adults sitting in the parents section began fighting. A parent who witnessed the incident told KRQE that instead of helping break up the brawl, more adults joined the fight. Police were called and the ceremony was temporarily suspended until order could be restored.

The graduation ceremony then finished without further incident.

Fast Facts: Ramadan

Fast Facts: Ramadan

Lawyer Recorded Telling Victim She Will Be Deported if She Testifies

Lawyer Recorded Telling Victim She Will Be Deported if She Testifies

Photos: Famous American Muslims

Memorial Day 2017: Macy’s, Best Buy, Kohls and others deals  and sales

Memorial Day, the day set aside to honor those who died in military service to the United States, is Monday.

The practice of taking a day to honor the war dead began after the Civil War. More than 100 years later, “Decoration Day” became an official federal holiday known as Memorial Day in 1971.

The day also marks the unofficial start of summer, and retailers are offering those first summer sales. 

Memorial Day ads

Here are links to some in-store and online retail ads. (Click on the store name to see the ads and their expiration dates).


Best Buy

Big Lots

Home Depot

J.C. Penney






Rooms to Go

Sam's Club



Stein Mart



Good deals

Here are a few deals available to shoppers during the Memorial Day weekend:

Amazon - Up to 70 percent off select items

Best Buy - Up to 50 percent off phone cases and screen protectors 

Bed Bath and Beyond – 20 percent off one item in-store

Columbia – 25 percent off select items

Dick’s - Up to 50 percent off select outdoor equipment

Gymboree - Entire store is $12.99 and under

Home Depot - Up to 15 percent off grills and smokers

JCPenney -- Take 40 percent off appliances

Kmart – Up to 50 percent off select patio furniture, plus other deals

Kohls - 12' x 30 Steel Pro Pool - $149.99 

Lowe's - 30 percent off appliances

Macy's – 20 percent off Memorial Day sale, plus free shipping at $49

Old Navy - Up to 50 percent off tees, shorts and active wear

Pier 1 Imports - Desk chairs on sale - $44.98

Rack Room -- Buy one, get one free for sandals

Sam’s Club - Night Therapy 12" Classic Green Tea memory foam full mattress and bi-fold box springs. - $299 w/free shipping

Sears -- Up to 40 percent off appliances 

Target - Stok Drum Charcoal Grill - $99

Walmart - Costway 4 PC Patio Rattan Wicker Chair Sofa Table Set - $199.98 

Billboard supporting Trump’s immigration ban stirs controversy

Some residents believe that a controversial billboard on Interstate 40 in South Carolina by a religious group in support of President Donald Trump’s immigration and travel ban on Muslim-majority countries has gone too far.  

The sign in Catawba County refers to the 9/11 attack and those behind it.  

Residents of nearby Claremont and Catawba are talking about its message.  

"I think the numbers are powerful enough in themselves,” one supporter said. “So, if you look at it and think something is wrong about it, it makes you wonder about you."  

Oliver Reitzell opposes the billboard.  

"I believe in the Christian way, and that's to embrace everybody,” Reitzell said. “Kind of the hate message behind it, I'm not for that."  

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The North Carolina Pastors Network paid for the sign and claims to have support from 600 ministers across the state.  

The organization is headed by evangelist Dave Kistler, who doesn't believe that the billboard's message is one of hate.  

"I'm saying it now that this is not what this is about,” Kistler said. “There's certainly nothing hateful in our billboard. Some have interpreted it to be that and say that. It was not. It is the truth."  

But Paul Cummings, an associate pastor at the Corinth Reformed Church in Hickory, believes that the billboard contradicts teachings from the Bible.  

"My opinion is that I think these people need the saving gospel of Jesus more than I need to be protected,” Cummings said. “I'm perfectly willing for people who are hostile to us to be in our country, because that's what loving your enemy is all about."  

Veteran Andrew Katocs, who served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, doesn't see how the billboard and its message are helping.  

"That billboard, it sounds like somebody is trying to cause some issues that don't need to be worried about now," Katocs said.  

The religious group said it has no plans to take down the billboard.

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