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Help name a baby hippo! baby hippos are cute. And Lowry Park Zoo is giving you the chance to help name their new baby pygmy hippo! Here's the scoop according to the contest page on their website ( Cast your vote for one of three names of African origin (Swahili) as selected by the ...

Here's One For the Star Wars Fanatics

This made the fan girl in me giggle. For those who ever wondered what a Luke Skywalker versus Darth Maul battle would be you go. Obviously, with the movie's time frame, this wouldn't happen, but it is cool to see this fan-made depiction. I think they did a really ...

Which Florida college has the "Most Dateable" ulumni?

Could this settle the "which college in Florida is the best" debate that's been going on forever? Move over "party school" lists and football polls...this morning we have the colleges with the most "datable alum!" So...which Florida college do you think came out on top? How about...NONE! Not one in ...

How To Get Rid Of The Flawed Apple IOS 8.0.1 Update

Did you quickly download the Apple IOS 8.0.1 fix put out this week to address issues with the newly-released operating system only to find out the fix was flawed? If you want to know how to revert back to the original IOS 8, click here. 

How Often To Wash Your Sheets, Towels, Clothes, Etc.

Kristi & I used these Consumer Reports findings on our pop quiz this morning. We were surprised by how many wrong answers we got, so we thought we'd post the whole thing for you--click here to see it. 

Highlights from the Emmy Awards--Photo Gallery

"Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family" reigned at the Emmy Awards. The other big thing people are talking about is the "In Memorium" segment that pays tribute to those in the TV industry who passed away in the last year, specifically Billy Crystal's special homage to the late Robin Williams. Here ...

Top ways to remember someone's name!

Apparently this is the number 1 time of the year we need help with…remembering someone’s name!! Think about it. It is always a struggle for some, but then add in your kids’ friends names, teachers names, coaches names, etc. and itbecomes downright futile. So what can you do to remember?? ...

Top things coworkers do that drive you crazy!

Do you have a co-worker that does something that drives you crazy? We had one this past weekend that not only left the printer jammed but also left the printer cartridge empty. A nice double whammy. A lot of your calls pointed to things like: Not washing hands after restroom...ringtones ...

Florida Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday 2014

Let the Back-To-School shopping games begin--it's time for the state Back-To-School sales tax holiday when you don't have to pay sales tax on the stuff you need to get the kids ready for the school year to start in a couple of weeks. (It's tomorrow-Sunday.) Click here for all the ...

23 photos with incredible timing. Weird or not? do some people capture these things with their phone? Here's a link to 23 photos that you just have to see to believe!

10 tricks to make your summer cooler & better!

We see lists like this all the time...but how many of you actually try tricks like these when you see them? Generally, I'm not one to (partially because my memory is TERRIBLE!) but this one actually seems pretty easy to remember. And definitely applies to us here in Florida! What ...

People Mag's Hottest Bachelors Revealed

People Magazine is out with their long, luscious list of "Hottest Bachelors." Ryan Gosling did not win...but he was a runner-up, along with Zac Efron, newcomer Scott Eastwood (yes, Clint's son) and newly-single Taye Diggs, who just split from Frozen singer/star Idina Menzel late last year. Getting the top honor ...

How to get sand, lint & water out of your phone

You have to love DIY'ers. And especially when they share their simple yet crafty ideas, like: How to keep sand out of your phone if you're going to the beach...or how to get lint out of the little ear piece!! So according to an article on, here you go! ...

Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday 2014

Hurricane season is here and so is the Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday. Here's the list of the things that you can save on for your hurricane preparedness kit and the restrictions that go along with it. 2014 Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday (May 31 through June 8, 2014)Selling for $10 ...

Are You Using The Right Sunblock?

No doubt when you go to the store to buy sunblock it seems like there are a kazillion choices--different brands, SPFs, lotions, sprays, oils, water and/or sweat name it. But, is what you've bought the best choice? Maybe not. Consumer reports is out with their review of the top sunscreens--and only ...

7 Reasons to date a divorced man!

Agree? Disagree? Discuss... 7 Reasons You Should Date a Divorced Man (The Stir: 1. You Know He Can Commit Sure, his previous relationship might not have worked out, but you know he has it in him to buckle down to just one person. That's a lot more than can ...

For a getaway/vacation, are you a "normal" packer? Find out!

With Mother's Day this weekend...Memorial Day in a couple of weeks...then summer vacation season...would you consider yourself a "normal" packer? Let's find out! Do you struggle with what to pack? You're not alone! 91 percent of women say they don't wear every item of clothing they bring on vacation. Men, ...

Heartbleed virus: which passwords do you need to change?

Okay.  Heartbleed virus.  By now you probably have heard about it.  Some are already calling the biggest internet security threat ever seen. And you probably have been told by a friend or read that you need to basically change every password you have.  Great.  But hold on...  There are a lot ...

5 Biggest Mistakes You Make Vacuuming

5 Biggest Mistakes You Make Vacuuming 1. Waiting until the bag is full to empty it Even though some vacuums have "check bag" indicator lights, check the bag yourself and change it when it's three-quarters full. This keeps your vacuum's suction strong. And if you have a bagless vac, don't forget ...

Top 10 things that annoy restaurant servers - are you guilty?

Kristi and I like to think that we are good customers when we go out to eat...always trying to help clean up, etc. before we go.  WELL...imagine our surprise when we saw we were guilty of doing some of the top things that annoy restaurant servers according to something I saw on ...

440 items
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