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This Woman Thought it Was No Big Deal to Shave Her Legs in the Pool…OH, BUT IT IS.

This is 50 shades of unsavory…

Have you seen this video of a woman shaving her legs – IN A POOL – WITH CHILDREN SWIMMING AROUND HER?!

This is all over the internet right now.

Here’s what we know:

  • This happened somewhere in Florida.

Here’s what we  don’t know:

  • Exactly WHERE did it happen?
  • Was this a hotel pool? Apartment complex?
  • Are those her kids – or is she shaving by someone else’s child?


I don’t care if you’re Beyonce – shaving your legs and dipping your hairy razor in the pool afterwards is ALWAYS a no-no.


Chrissy Teigen’s Picture of Life as a New Mom is the Most Refreshing Thing You’ll See Today

This is why we love Chrissy Teigen.

While other celebrities hop on a red carpet looking like a million bucks WEEKS after having a baby, Chrissy gave the world a more *realistic* look at what those first few days/weeks/months look like on her Instagram…

Mesh panties, a belly that isn’t (GASP!) completely flat yet, and a sweet little bundle of perfection that is worth every second. ❤

Over the weekend, Chrissy and John also gave us a first look at their new addition’s sweet little face – and officially told us his name…

Meet Miles Theodore Stephens.


Watch Ryan Seacrest Caught Trying to Flirt with Katy Perry on Live TV…

Well, this is just a tad bit awkward.


katy perry literally had to tell ryan seacrest that the cameras were rolling and he continues to hit on her, asks if she’s a mom and says “you wanna talk about it??” after she says no. what’s going on i’m uncomfortable #AmericanIdol — WE WANT AL4 || 32 172 (@WHAMCULT) May 14, 2018

Pink Was Blown Away By this 12-Year-Old Girl Who Got to Sing at Her Show in Canada

Goosebumps. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Meet 12-year-old Victoria. When she found out Pink was coming to Vancouver on her tour, she launched a full social media campaign, hoping that she’d get to sing in front of her idol…AND IT WORKED!!

Victoria’s story ended up on the news and even in front of celebrities like Sarah McLaughlin, who retweeted to make sure that Pink saw it.

This past Saturday, during her show, Pink stopped everything and asked Victoria if she wanted to sing…

OF COURSE she said yes – and nailed her cover of ‘Perfect.’

Best night EVER for this little girl…and Pink continues to be the coolest. EVER.

Taylor Swift’s Setup for her ‘Reputation’ Tour Looks INSANELY Amazing

Taylor Swift is a few days into her ‘Reputation’ tour that will be coming to Raymond James Stadium on August 14th, so you know what that means…we officially have PICTURES of what we can expect to see – and it doesn’t disappoint.

On opening night, Taylor played to a sold-out crowd of more than 59 THOUSAND people in Glendale, Arizona…here’s what we know:

* Taylor is working THREE different stages…including this one with MASSIVE snakes towering over her.

Maybe that’s why she needs this mechanical movey-machine to get her (and her opening acts) from place to place?

*We also know that she played TWENTY FOUR songs during her first show!! Was that because it was opening night – or are we getting that many at the Tampa date too…(hopefully the latter!!)

Here’s the full setlist from her first night in AZ (knowing Taylor, I’m sure she will shake this up at some point to keep us guessing, but it’s a start!!)

*You can expect PLENTY of costume changes too!!

There’s this one…

THIS sassy number…

…and of course, this shimmery little slice of heaven.


200 items
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