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Body cameras didn't capture officer shooting man; 3 officers relieved of duty in Memphis

Three officers have been "relieved of duty" pending investigation after a Memphis Police Department officer shot a man in South Memphis. 

Officials released new details surrounding the incident Tuesday, including the fact that the shooting wasn't captured on the officer's body camera. 

Police Director Mike Rallings provided an update on the investigation Tuesday, saying that the investigation is ongoing. 

"I'm not confident that policy was followed," Rallings said

According to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officials, the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office requested that TBI investigate the incident. 

The investigation is underway to determine if the actions of the officers were justified. 

According to MPD, the shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. following a traffic stop in the 1200 block of Gill Avenue. 

When officers approached the vehicle and asked the driver for his ID and insurance information, the driver told police he didn't have either. 

Police said the driver -- identified as Martavious Banks -- began reaching downward when an officer saw a gun inside the car.

That is when Banks fled the scene, hitting a curb before police stopped the car a second time on Gill Avenue. Police said he then ran away from officers. 

Police chased the man and a “confrontation occurred,” according to MPD. The man was shot by police and was taken to Regional One in critical condition. 

According to officials, Banks had six outstanding warrants against him. He had four separate arrest warrants for suspended licenses, assault and violation of probation.

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Rallings said when Banks got out of his car and led police on a foot chase, all three officers involved did not have their body cameras activated so the shooting was not captured on his video. 

"Let me assure you that I will get answers, and we will hold officers accountable,” said Rallings.

Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford wants FBI investigation before testifying in Senate

Attorneys for California college professor Christine Blasey Ford are asking the Senate Judiciary Committee for an FBI investigation before she testifies about an alleged sexual assault involving Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh 36 years ago when the pair was in high school, according to news reports. 

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In a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Ford’s attorney said an investigation “should be the first step in addressing the allegations,” The Associated Press reported.

Although Ford has pledged to fully cooperate, her attorney said since going public with the accusation, she’s been the target of “vicious harassment and even death threats,” and has had to relocate her family, according to the AP

Grassley responded with sympathy over the threats to Ford’s life.

“Nobody should be subject to threats and intimidation, and Dr. Ford is no exception,” Grassley said in a statement, but the Iowa Republican also discounted an FBI investigation.

“Dr. Ford’s testimony would reflect her personal knowledge and memory of events. Nothing the FBI or any other investigator does would have any bearing on what Dr. Ford tells the committee, so there is no reason for any further delay,” he said, according to The Washington Post.

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Grassley said the invitation for Ford to testify Monday still stands.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he is not in favor of an FBI investigation about the allegation, either.

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“I don’t think the FBI really should be involved because they don’t want to be involved,” Trump told reporters during a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda. “If they wanted to be, I would certainly do that, but as you know they say this is not really their thing.”

The committee had scheduled a hearing for Monday on the alleged incident after a letter surfaced last week, but that could now be in question.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that Ford wrote a confidential letter to California Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein detailing the assault allegation. Feinstein said she turned the letter over to the FBI.

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Kavanaugh, who was nominated by Trump to fill the seat left vacant by the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, has denied the assault ever happened, and said Tuesday he looks forward to testifying about it.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee was originally scheduled to take a vote this week on Kavanaugh’s nomination after concluding confirmation hearings last week, but now it’s unclear when, or even if, that might happen. 

Hurricane safety: Here’s what to do if your car is swept away by water

Keeping a cool head and remembering these tips may save your life if your vehicle is ever overcome by water. 

According to a 2006 study, as many as 400 people drown in North America in cars that are submerged in water.

Because seconds matter, especially after your car is submerged, it’s important that you stay calm and follow these steps.

Brace for impact

If you know you’re going into a lake or river, it’s important to brace yourself for impact to avoid serious injury before you attempt your escape. 

Keep your hands at “ten and two” on the steering wheel so if the airbag inflates, you will avoid serious injury to your head and extremities.

While your vehicle is floating

Immediately undo your seat belt and then unbuckle any children starting with the oldest child first. Older children can help unbuckle any younger passengers.

Unlock the doors and open windows:

Even though a door is not considered the best way to exit a vehicle until it’s fully submerged, it’s important to unlock them while your electrical system is still functioning.

According to WikiHow, try to open a window right after you enter the water. If your electrical system is not functioning, use an object to break the glass. The headrests in most cars can be removed and the metal inserts may break the glass. Do not attempt to break the windshield because the safety glass is designed to break in a manner that would make it hard to escape through.

Some other suitable objects to break the glass include steering wheel locks, tools, keys or window-breaking tools that are typically hammer-shaped. 


After taking a deep breath, try to escape through the window. If you have children in the vehicle, push them out first. If they can’t swim, give them an object that floats and tell them not to let go of it.


As you escape the vehicle, try not to kick in a manner that might injure others escaping. If you’re submerged when you escape, follow the bubbles to the surface.

Get help

Most water can be cold enough that hypothermia can occur even after a short period underwater. Additionally, you may experience shock or injuries from the accident. Once you have reached the edge of the water, seek medical attention immediately.

It’s important to note that while water caused by flooding or storm surge may appear on a known route, motorists should never intentionally drive into high water.

Hurricane safety: Those who have lived through storms offer their advice

Those who live in Florida and other parts of the country that frequently get hurricane warnings know what to do when a storm is bearing down on them. For those who rarely get a mega-storm in their state, those who have been through hurricanes are sharing their expertise via social media

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It’s the little things that you don’t focus on daily. Paperwork like your birth certificate, passport and credit cards needs to be gathered before the storm, according to people who have survived storms. 

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Other people added their comments to the post, suggesting items like a hand-crank transistor radio to stay connected. Others still suggested getting cash now instead of waiting until after the stormwaters recede.

Those on social media may be onto something. 

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The National Hurricane Center agrees that people should plan before the storm hits. 

It’s also important to have a family emergency plan. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has put together a checklist as a starting point.

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Georgia’s Emergency Management Agency has suggested learning the flood risks and getting ready kits together for both your home and your car.

What should be in the kit? Water, food, a battery-operated radio, garbage bags and a can opener are a good start. 

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If you are forced to evacuate, make sure you have helpful apps to find gas, hotel rooms and traffic routes.

Hurricane safety: 15 tips that could save your life during a storm

Here are some safety tips emergency management and Federal Emergency Management Agency officials are offering that could save your life during a hurricane:Evacuation

1. If you are ordered to evacuate, you need to evacuate. The best way to stay safe is to be away from the storm's landfall. The orders to evacuate are issued based on historical flood maps and the strength of the storm. 

2. A Category 5 hurricane will bring “catastrophic damage,” officials with the National Hurricane Center warn, adding that “a high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed, with total roof failure and wall collapse. Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas. Power outages will last for weeks to possibly months. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.”

3.  If you are in a mobile home, leave. Mobile homes will not survive a Category 5 hurricane.

4. Do not leave your pets at home, especially if they are outside.

If you stay

If you choose not to evacuate, or cannot leave, here are a few things you should do:

1. Get in a more secure room in your home – a closet or a bathroom without a window.

2. Stay on the bottom floor of your home unless water is rising.

3.  Do not go into your attic to escape rising water because you could get trapped. If you absolutely have to get in the attic to survive rising water, make sure you take an ax with you so you can cut a hole in the roof to escape.

4. If you are in an area that will flood, turn off electricity at the main breaker before water gets in your home to reduce the risk of electrocution.

5. Of course, do not try to go outside during the storm. Pieces of buildings, roofs, trees and other objects will be flying through the air.

6. Do not use candles as a light source – flashlights are what you need to use.

7. When you lose power, click here to see how you can use the internet.

During or after the storm

1. Do not use a generator during a storm.

2.  Never use portable generators inside a home, in your garage, in your basement or in a crawl space.

3. Generators produce carbon monoxide and if they are inside your house, your home can fill up with carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide will kill you if you breathe too much of it. If you are using a portable generator to power appliances in your home following the storm, make sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm. Appliances should be plugged directly into a generator. Do not hook the generator to your household electrical system. You can hurt yourself and kill utility workers when they begin to reconnect electricity to homes.

4. Do not get anywhere near standing water. It could contain live electric wires. If you come in contact with it, you could be electrocuted. If you see wires on the ground after the storm, assume they are live.

 The 5 ‘p’s of evacuation

 Don’t’ go farther than you have to

Great white shark lair discovered in middle of Pacific Ocean, dubbed ‘White Shark Café’

Great white sharks off the coasts of California and Mexico, known as northeastern Pacific whites, spend their time between August and December feeding on seals and other marine life up and down the West Coast, but then they disappear into a remote, seemingly empty area of the ocean halfway to Hawaii.

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Now researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium think they know why and they’ve nicknamed the zone the “White Shark Café.”

It seems the predators gather in the middle of nowhere during the winter and spring to feast on a large abundance of sea life, such as squid, fish, jellyfish and phytoplankton, according to the scientists.

What they thought was an ocean desert is really an ocean oasis full of rich marine life that sharks can feast on for months, the researchers said in a press release.

A group of scientists traveled to the area earlier this year to study what they thought was a kind of dead zone.

“We found a high diversity of deep sea fish and squids (over 100 species),” lead researcher and Stanford University marine scientist Barbara Block said.

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Block discovered the area more than a decade ago after tracking tagged sharks to the region, Live Science reported.

Block said the abundance of sea life in the zone is enough to support bigger predators like shark and tuna.

Scientists had always considered this part of the Pacific Ocean as essentially devoid of life, instead during the monthslong research cruise, they found “deep layers of phytoplankton (microscopic marine algae) that were not visible in satellite images.”

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“These algae, along with the larger animals observed, suggest that the area is more biologically productive than the researchers expected,” scientists reported.

According to Live Science, the team is still analyzing the results from this year’s research cruise and hope to find out more about the White Shark Café.

Blockbuster Video - What You Need to Know

Blockbuster Video - What You Need to Know

‘Gray Man’ ghost makes appearance before major hurricanes, legend says

The ghost of the Gray Man is an enduring legend that originated on Pawleys Island, South Carolina and dates back more than 200 years.

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If you see the Gray Man, a massive hurricane is on its way, but your home will be spared, according to folklore.

Sightings of the mysterious spectral figure started around 1822. According to the legend, a young man had just returned from the sea and was on his way across the island to ask for his love’s hand in marriage, but he was thrown from his horse during a storm and died in quicksand.

His betrothed later came across his ghost who warned her to leave the island. She persuaded her parents to leave and when the family returned, they saw utter destruction everywhere, but their home had been spared, according to the Paranormal Guide.

The Gray Man ghost has been chronicled in TV shows and in books dating back to 1956, WHNS reported.

Woman accused of offering hit man earrings, cash to kill husband

A Jacksonville mother is accused of trying to hire a hit man to murder her husband.

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Police say Crystal Ely offered an undercover officer money and jewelry in exchange for killing her husband. She gave the hit man a detailed diagram of the interior of his place of business, the report said. 

The suspect the remains behind bars at the Duval County Jail after police say they stopped her plan to kill her husband. Ely, a mother of three, is accused of trying to get rid of her husband in a murder-for-hire plot.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office began investigating the 29-year-old after receiving a tip. A police report says that she met with the undercover officer several times in September and offered money, a pair of earrings and two rings as payment.

According to the report, Ely unknowingly met with an undercover JSO officer four times and reiterated her desire to have the officer kill her husband in exchange for money. 

The report added that she provided the undercover officer with a picture of her husband, a diagram of the inside of the business she and her husband worked at and instead of money she initially mentioned, she gave him a pair of earrings and two rings as payment.

Each meeting was recorded in its entirety, police stated in the report. She was arrested at the fourth meeting on Sept. 13 after giving the officer the jewelry -- and a picture of her husband.

Ely faces two capital felony crimes: criminal conspiracy and criminal solicitation.

Lynn Harnage, who lived across the street from the family for several years, says she is blown away by the allegations.

“It’s sad that she had to go this extreme,” Harnage said. “I don’t know what’s happened since I’ve seen her.”

Deadly Eastern equine encephalitis virus found in mosquito in metro Atlanta

The DeKalb County health department announced Tuesday that a mosquito tested positive for the deadly Eastern equine encephalitis virus.

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Humans rarely become infected and cases are uncommon in Georgia, Ryan Cira, the environmental health director for the DeKalb Board of Health, said. However, 33 percent of people who are infected with EEE die and others experience significant brain damage.

“It’s a very serious illness if it is to infect a person,” Cira said.

He also said mosquito species known to carry EEE are found mostly in coastal, swampy areas.

Now that the virus has been identified in DeKalb, public health officials are reminding residents to stay vigilant to prevent the transmission of a disease with no known treatments. This includes removing standing water, reducing the amount of exposed skin when outdoors and wearing insect repellent with DEET.

One human case of West Nile virus has been reported in DeKalb this year. Statewide, there have been at least seven human cases, one of which was fatal.

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