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Reports: Atlanta rapper T.I.’s sister, Precious Harris, has died

Precious Harris, sister of Atlanta rapper T.I., has died.

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TMZ reported that sources close to the family said Precious Harris had been on life support since the accident and was never responsive. 

Earlier this week, Harris “hit a pole, which triggered an asthma attack. The 66-year-old — who often appears on the show — was taken to a hospital.

T.I. and Tiny “were devastated,” TMZ reported

Precious Harris’ daughter, Kamaya Harris, posted a tribute to her mother on Instagram.

Fans of the family were quick to offer sympathy on social media.

T.I. and Tiny had reportedly halted production on their VH1 reality show, “Family Hustle,” while the rapper’s sister, Precious Harris, was in the hospital, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Tameka “Tiny” Cottle posted a photo with her sister-in-law on Instagram, asking for prayers, as did Precious Harris’ daughter, Kamaya. 

The Atlanta couple, who had been having marital trouble the past couple of years but appear to be back together, took time out of their worry to celebrate Valentine’s Day. T.I. gifted his wife a canary yellow diamond ring.

Couple reunites homeless man with family who thought he was dead

An Arkansas couple reunited a homeless man with his family 600 miles away in Illinois who had thought he had died.

It all started one day when Dawn Gieber asked, “Why are you homeless?”

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The man, only identified as James, had lived the last 15 years on the streets of downtown Little Rock, KARK reported. Gieber, a records specialist at the county courthouse, would see him when she went to work. Her husband, Jodi Gieber, would see James when he was on patrol.

"People would say James was very angry. James was a mean person. He wasn't. James was just hungry," Dawn Gieber told KARK. "He was cold. He was eating out of dumpsters. James just had no resources and my husband and I just felt that there was something we needed to do to help him."

So, the couple worked to find James’ family. After some research, numerous phone calls and emails they were able to reach his family, who thought he had died, around Thanksgiving. They lived in Illinois about 600 miles away.

Before they could make the trek, the Giebers learned James had outstanding warrants in Little Rock, KARK reported. They went before a judge, explained the situation and that they would pay any fees. The judge dismissed the charges. 

James is now doing well and living in Illinois, KARK reported

"Seeing James reunite with his family was so rewarding," Dawn Gieber told KARK. "It was just the right thing to do -- he's a person and that matters."

’I love you daddy’: Cop signs off after 25 years, dispatcher daughter receives his last call

Grab the box of tissues.

A Chattanooga police officer filed his last call after a quarter of a decade of service to the community. 

The call earlier this month, between Lt. Austin Garrett and the dispatcher on the other end could make the coldest of hearts melt. 

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That’s because the dispatcher is Garrett’s daughter, Haley Garrett, WTVC reported.

The elder Garrett said during the call, “Twenty five years of service, I’ll be out of service the final time. Be careful. Don’t forget who you are.”

His daughter then responded, “You’ve been a mentor and a great friend to many during your career. We all wish you well on your future endeavors. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I love you daddy.”

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Garrett’s not retiring from law enforcement, though. He’s now a chief deputy for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, WTVC reported.

Video of boy in wheelchair bouncing on trampoline goes viral

Jumping on a trampoline can provide sheer joy for children, but it has special meaning for a North Dakota boy in a wheelchair.

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A video of 4-year-old Wyatt Burggraff, of Fargo, jumping on a trampoline while in his wheelchair has gone viral since it was posted, KVRR reported.

“This video has just been, it’s been incredible,” said Kim Pladson, executive director at TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics in Fargo, where Wyatt has been going once a week for the past two years.

The boy has spina bifida, but has not let that curtail his fun at the gym, KVRR reported.

“I didn’t even think it was possible that a wheelchair could jump on a trampoline. Yeah, it’s really cool,” Wyatt’s mother, Allison Burggraff, told the television station.

Pladson agrees.

“I think it’s hard not to think that Wyatt with his glasses bumping up and down on his face and yelling to go faster or higher wasn’t something that wasn’t going to capture your heart,” Pladson told KVRR.

The video has struck a responsive chord. It has been viewed more than 7 million times and shared more than 68,000 times on social media sites. It also has more than 1,500 comments.

Adopted baby boy brought to new family by firefighters

A firefighter’s co-workers are more than just someone they work with daily. They become an extended family. 

Now one Maryland couple can thank their station’s brothers and sisters for their new arrival.

Michael Faherty and Karen Faherty met at college. After school, they both served in the Army and finally settled in Baltimore. Michael Faherty is now a firefighter with the Anne Arundel Fire Department, and Karen Faherty is a nurse at the University of Maryland Medical Center, WJLA reported

The couple decided to adopt a baby when they were not able to overcome infertility.

The Adoption Makes Family agency helped them through the yearlong process, according to WJLA.

Saturday it came to a happy and surprise ending thanks to firefighters at the Anne Arundel Fire Department.

The Fahertys thought they were getting a visit from the agency for a final home inspection to make sure their home was suitable if they were chosen to become parents.

Instead, they were greeted by not only a firetruck, ambulance and blazing sirens, but also 30 firefighters. They were there not for an emergency but for a blessing. 

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They were there with the head of the agency to bring the new bundle home to his parents, WJLA reported

Dean Kirschner, the agency’s founder, worked with the Fire Department to make sure the baby’s homecoming would be one the couple would never forget.

“Before you know it, Dean is walking down this aisle of some of my best friends with our son,” Michael Faherty told the television station of the moment when he knew what was happening.

Along with the newly named Michael Terrance Faherty III, dad’s co-workers brought them an ambulance full of diapers and other gifts for their latest “recruit.”

Once safely inside with the shocked parents sitting down, Kirschner placed little Michael in Karen Faherty’s arms. 

“I did not hand that baby to that mother while she was on the steps, stunned, shocked, filled with adrenaline,” Kirschner told WJLA. “I waited until she was inside. Then, when the two of them were sitting together, I placed the baby in their arms.”

Dogs, good Samaritans rescue kids from side of Florida highway

Two children were saved from the side of a highway thanks to their dogs and good Samaritans.

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Fla.’s Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office captured the Feb. 16 event on body cam.

Authorities were called when multiple witnesses reported seeing the kids.

At least five good Samaritans stopped to help them, who said their dogs were pushing the kids against the guardrail to keep them away from the road.

Deputies said the children had wandered off from their yard when they were called back inside.

The girl reportedly told deputies she “was trying to chase a rainbow” when they ran off.

Their guardian was unable to chase them due to an ambulatory condition, so he sent his teenage kids to get them while he drove his tractor into the woods.

Deputies said the man “made a diligent effort to locate the children and provide for their welfare, so no criminal charges were pursued.” 

Love Your Pet Day 2019: Furry friends take the spotlight on social media

Have a special four-legged friend at home? It's time to be extra generous with the belly rubs, walks, treats and playtime in honor of every "fur child's" favorite day – Love Your Pet Day.

>> Love Your Pet Day: 9 lavish ways to spoil your pet

According to, the holiday, celebrated every year on Feb. 20, is the perfect opportunity "to give extra attention to and pamper your pets." The site, which could not track down the holiday's creator, recommends that animal lovers "bring your pet a special treat, take an extra long walk or give them more attention" to mark the occasion.

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But if Twitter trends are any indication, the most popular way to celebrate Love Your Pet Day may be sharing photos of Fluffy and Fido on social media. Check out some of our favorite photos below and share your own with the hashtag #LoveYourPetDay.

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Cop calms kids down after emergency call by playing with dolls

One Virginia police officer not only serves and protects his community, he also plays with the younger members of the town.

Cpl. C.B. Fleming was answering a call of a gas leak at an apartment complex in South Hill, Virginia, last week, WTVR reported.

As emergency crews checked out the area, Fleming noticed kids playing outside. Once he got the all-clear that there was no threat, he wanted to make sure the girls were not scared because of the emergency, so he got on the ground and played dolls with them, according to WTVR

The video has since gone viral after being posted on Facebook.

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Iesha Roper-Boswell said Fleming is a superhero to her daughter and the other children who live at Mecklenburg Manor apartments.

Fleming told WTVR it’s not out of the ordinary to connect with kids. 

“It’s something I’ve always tried to do,” the 15-year veteran of the force told the television station. “When I got into this job, I knew there was something different, other than just writing tickets and being the bad person all the time. I figured if I could be that bright spot in someone’s day then that’s all that mattered.”

The neighborhood now has their own personal superhero they can go directly to, instead of being afraid to talk to a police officer.

“For him to make my child feel like she’s safe, she doesn’t even have to call 911, she just has to call C.B. if she’s in trouble. I’m glad he made this part of his job. He’s changed my daughter and nieces lives,” Roper-Boswell told WTVR.

Offroaders use their driving skills to get first responders to work during storms

They’re used to driving in almost any conditions, and their vehicles are equipped to do the job, now an offroad Jeep club is switching gears and is coming to the aid of those who are normally there to help.

Midwest Krawlers, based in Kansas City, Missouri, are helping medical professionals and other first responders get to work as snow moves into the city, KMBC reported.

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They’re offering the rides to police officers, firefighters, nurses and doctors for free when there is ice and snow coating roads, according to KMBC.

One driver, Katie Abraham, said two of her copilots on one trip -- both NICU nurses -- were a little scared about the condition of the roads.

“The one girl grabbed onto the net inside the car and I was like, ‘It’s fine. We’ll get traction again in just a second,’” Abraham told KMBC.

Abraham said her four-wheel drive Toyota 4Runner has tires that are made for the weather, with a 5 out of 5 rating for snow. It is also equipped with the gear needed to get out of any terrain, the television station reported

Centuries-old samurai sword returning home to Japan from Minnesota 

A centuries-old samurai sword taken from Japan at the end of World War II by a Minnesota Army veteran is returning home. 

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Sam Traxler and his girlfriend will return the sword this month to descendants of the samurai, KARE reported. Traxler, whose father was given the sword by the son of the soldier who brought it to the United States, is a former soldier himself and is interested in martial arts, the television station reported.

Traxler became interested in the Japanese characters engraved in the sword and his research led to the discovery that this was no ordinary weapon, KARE reported.

For decades the sword languished in the basement of Colin Fowler, who served in Asia during World War II and brought the sword home as a souvenir, the television station reported. When Fowler died in 1995, his son, Jeff Fowler, thought about throwing it away. 

“It almost ended up in the burn pit,” Jeff Fowler told KARE.

Instead, he gave to Traxler’s father, Jeff Traxler.

“He brought it out and showed it to me and said, ‘You can have it,’” Jeff Traxler told the television station. “I said, ‘I've got to do something for you.’ So, I dug a septic system with a backhoe for him.”

The sword hung on the elder Traxler’s wall until his son took a look at it.

“(Sam is) nosy about this kind of stuff,” Jeff Traxler said. “He sees something and is like, ‘What is this all about?’ I’m like, ‘Go ahead and see what you can find.’”

Sam Traxler posted pictures of the sword’s engraved characters on a Reddit page, seeking help with the translation, KARE reported.

He got it from Yano Takashi, a Japanese man, who identified the engraved characters in the sword’s handle as those of a specific blacksmith shop. Takashi also identified a family name and address, along with the family’s crest.

The Traxlers knew the right thing was to send the sword back to Japan.

“It just means too much,” Sam Traxler told KARE. “In Japan the sword has the soul of the person who carried it.”

The descendants of the original owner plan to donate the sword to a museum for public display, KARE reported.

Jeff Fowler said his father would approve.

“He had a tremendous respect for the Japanese people,” Fowler told the television station. “He’d probably want to take it back himself.”

New Jersey policeman leaves $100 tip for pregnant waitress

A New Jersey police officer left a waitress who was eight months pregnant a $100 tip Friday, the Cherry Hill Courier-Post reported.

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Courtney English, 23, is pregnant with her first child and works for her father at the Lamp Post Diner in Gloucester Township, the newspaper reported.

"She's a tough little girl," Brian Cadigan said.

During Friday’s lunch rush, a Voorhees police officer left a message on his $8.75 receipt.

“Enjoy ur 1st. You will never forget it,” the note read. The note was accompanied by a $100 tip, the Courier-Post reported.

"It was from the heart. It really touched her," Cadigan told the newspaper. “There have been plenty of situations where she got a nice tip, but just the little remark was what got her." 

The police officer has remained anonymous, but Cadigan mentioned the gesture on his Facebook page, the Courier-Post reported.

English’s baby girl is due April 1. She will name the child Kayleigh, the newspaper reported.

"She's a young mother and struggling,” Cadigan told the Courier-Post, She's just trying to get as much money as she can before she goes on leave." 

No swine: Texas man makes 'pig-posal' at livestock show

A marriage proposal in a room filled with swine may not seem ideal, but a Texas man was perfectly willing to hog the attention away from the pigs Sunday morning.

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Will Hussey made his “pig-posal” to Kate Jimerson at the San Antonio Stock Show and RodeoKSAT reported. Hussey’s marriage proposal came four years after they met at the show’s swine barn, the television station reported.

Jimerson thought her family was at the Stock Show to watch her younger sister compete in the barrow show, but Hussey surprised her.

"He got down on one knee and said, 'This is where I met you four years ago. I knew then I wanted to marry you.'” Jimerson told KSAT. “So then he asked me and I started crying.”

"The Stock Show already holds a special place for both of us, so why not make it something we can tell our kids about someday," Hussey told the television station.

The couple has not set a wedding date, but they already have next year’s Stock Show on their calendar, KSAT reported.

Oklahoma shelter owner adopts dog with two mouths, one where ear should be

An Oklahoma City shelter owner took in a dog with a unique appearance, and is raising awareness about rescue dogs with special needs in the process.

Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society owner Heather Hernandez knew she wanted to take in the gray-brown dog named Toad, according to KFOR.

She was born with two mouths. One is where an ear should be. 

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“We realized immediately she was different,” Hernandez told KFOR. “Obviously, the way she looks but, her personality and her bond to me and my family, it was just so immediate.”

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The dog also has a misaligned face and limited vision and hearing, and her second mouth has teeth and salivates.

Hernandez has to clean the second mouth nightly, because the drool can stick to her fur.

“Her primary veterinarian thinks that maybe she absorbed a twin in utero and so that’s kind of how the deformity surfaced,” Hernandez said. “The main teeth, the ones you see primarily, they are connected to her skull, so we leave them.”

It was Toad that inspired Hernandez to start the non profit shelter,

KOCO reported Hernandez wants to bring awareness to animals that have special needs, and in starting rescue, helps pets that are otherwise overlooked. Hernandez said her shelter is completely run by volunteers and has no paid staff members.

Hernandez said Toad is expected to have some complications as she gets older because of her face alignment, but she is otherwise living a normal life.

“Toad came into my life at the exact time that I needed her, and she has brought me infinite joy and happiness,” she said.

More photos of Toad can be found at her Instagram page, toadsearmouth. Information on Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society can be found on the organization’s Facebook page.

'A flat miracle': DNA tests help reunite Texas siblings after 70 years

It was “a flat miracle” thanks to DNA testing, which reunited a Texas man with his biological sister after 70 years, WFAA reported.

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Dennis Blackstone and his twin brother, Doug, were adopted when they were 3 years old by a family in Corsicana, the television station reported. 

Both boys knew they had a biological sister, but it took a DNA kit from 23andMe for Dennis Blackstone to find his sister, Connie Rusk. The result was a tearful reunion outside a Texas restaurant, WFAA reported.

Blackstone received the kit last year and sent a sample to the company. Earlier this month, he received an email alerting him to a person who had a strong DNA match, the television station reported.

Blackstone was able to contact a cousin, and ultimately, Rusk’s telephone number.

Last week, he sent Rusk a text.

"I said, 'I was told I have a sister named Connie, and I’m just curious and wanted to know, does this happen to be you?'" Blackstone told WFAA

Rusk’s response was immediate.

"I was driving, and when that text came through, I slammed on my brakes and I had to pull over to the side of the road," she told the television station. 

Blackstone learned he had two half-sisters and found out his sister had been searching for him, too. The irony is that both of them lived within an hour of each other for years, WFAA reported. However, name changes threw up roadblocks that could not be overcome -- until the DNA testing.

The reunited siblings have lost their biological mother, and Doug Blackstone has also passed away, the television station reported.

Blackstone and Rusk shared photographs of their families and shared their life’s journey.

"It is just a flat miracle," Rusk told WFAA. "That’s all this is, it’s a miracle!"

Massachusetts dog missing for 8 months found 175 miles away in Maine

A king shepherd that vanished eight months ago is back home with his family after making a 175-mile trek from Massachusetts to Maine.

>> See a photo of the dog here

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Woollacott family of Ashby, Massachusetts, had been searching for the 5-year-old dog, Kaiser, since June, when he scaled a wall and escaped a woman who was looking after him. Tom Woollacott said he drove 1,500 miles over "three or four weeks" and even used a drone to try to find his four-legged friend.

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Little did Woollacott know, his luck would change several months later, when a woman from Bethel, Maine, contacted animal control about a dog she had been feeding for a few weeks. Officials captured the dog and brought him to Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills in Paris, Maine, on Feb. 6, the Daily News reported.

"He was timid, shy, and nobody really knew where he came from," said the shelter, who scanned him for a microchip and shared his photo on Facebook.

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Days later, there was a breakthrough.

"Day 5 came of his stray hold and we got a call from a lady in Massachusetts, saying she was watching this dog for about 6 hrs when he slipped his lead and took off, the last sighting was about 75 miles away from where she was located, that was 8 MONTHS AGO IN MASSACHUSETTS!!" the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

Shelter officials eventually spoke with the dog's owner, who "was able to identify some things" on the dog "that no one else would know," the post said.

>> See the Facebook post here

Woollacott drove to the shelter Friday and brought Kaiser back home, the Daily News reported

>> See the touching reunion here

But some parts of Kaiser's story remain a mystery.

"Did he get here himself? Was he taken? Was he picked up and then escaped again?" Responsible Pet care wrote. "We may never know, but we do know that his family never stopped looking, and today will be the happiest day for all of them." 

Read more here.

WATCH: Clydesdale horses rescued after falling into frozen lake

Two Clydesdales are safe after rescue workers saved them from a frozen lake in Pennsylvania.

>> See photos from the scene here

According to WNEP, the horses, named Gunther and Wilhelm, escaped from their home at Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm in Hamilton Township early Saturday. They eventually found the frozen lake and walked onto the ice, then fell into the frigid water, the station reported.

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Rescuers were able to save the horses by cutting a trench into the ice using chainsaws, WNEP reported. Officials then led the horses back onto dry land.

>> Click here to watch

The horses are back at home, where they are receiving treatment from Cross River Veterinarians, Quiet Valley said in a Facebook post updated Sunday morning.

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"Wilhelm is being treated for some superficial bumps and bruises," the post said. "Gunther is looking fine and happy. Both are eating well and enjoying the sunlight. Thank you all for your support. It looks like both will make a full recovery."

>> See the post here

Read more here.

Woman becomes 1st known attorney with autism admitted to Florida Bar

A recent University of Miami law school grad has become the first known attorney with autism to be sworn into the Florida Bar.

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According to the Sun-Sentinel, 24-year-old Haley Moss, originally from Parkland, was admitted to the state bar Jan. 11 and works as an associate attorney at Zumpano Patricios in Miami. She's also known for her art, books, public speaking and advocacy for people with autism, her website says.

>> Need something to lift your spirits? Read more uplifting news 

Moss added another honor to her resume Saturday when she received the Occhigrossi Family Youth in Service Award from the Unicorn Children's Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates on behalf of "individuals and families challenged by special needs and neurodiversity," according to its website. Learn more about the award here.

>> See the tweet here

Moss has a message for companies that have hired or are considering hiring someone with autism.

“To employers, I would say, ‘Don’t put limits,’ and, 'You’re investing in what someone can do, and you need to look at what people can do as opposed to what they might not be able to do,'" she told the Sun-Sentinel. “A disability generally is not all-encompassing; it is just part of who someone is, not everything they are."

Read more here.

Man pops question to girlfriend in school where they met as 3rd-graders

They met two decades ago as third-graders in Louisiana, and a week before Valentine’s Day, they returned to their school for a career day program.

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But Nate Pierre was not thinking about his career when he visited Folsom Elementary School in Covington. He had a lifelong commitment in mind. After reading a very personal love story to Mindy Schayot’s third-grade class, he motioned for his girlfriend, Darcey Crawford, a physical therapist technician who was videotaping the event, to come to the front of the classroom.

Pierre then got down on one knee and proposed, in the same room where they met 16 years ago, WGNO reported.

St. Tammany Parish School District posted a video to its Facebook account Tuesday showing the surprise proposal. Pierre, who works in real estate, hatched the plan with Schayot, a family friend, and cleared it with the school’s principal, the Times-Picayune reported.

As part of the plan, Schayot’s students were told to boo when Pierre asked if they wanted to learn about real estate. Instead, they asked him to read a Valentine story, the Times-Picayune reported.

The plan was set, and Pierre did the rest, reading a story he wrote about his relationship with Crawford and then proposing to her.

Crawford, who began crying, said yes and kissed Pierre. The groom-to-be then high-fived the students, the newspaper reported.

The couple has not set a wedding date yet, WDSU reported.

North Dakota lawmakers buy car for parking attendant

Lawmakers in North Dakota pitched in and donated a car to a parking attendant who is a recovering addict, KX Net reported.

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Members of the North Dakota House of Representatives bought a car for Mark Johnstone, who had been homeless for more than 30 years, the website reported.

Johnstone’s car broke down earlier this week, and he said he was having trouble getting the vehicle to work, KX Net reported.

It is Johnstone’s second legislative session as a parking attendant. Rep. Jon Nelson was responsible for raising the money to buy Johnstone the car.

"I met Mark, I think it was three sessions ago. He came here. He was struggling in life, he was a recovering addict. He was homeless when he first got a job here. And he just became part of the family,” Nelson told KX Net. “He was a good friend. He's been helping people since I've known him."

Massachusetts police officer helps protect seal pup found in middle of road

A Massachusetts police officer was forced to protect a different kind of mammal when a seal pup ended up in the middle of a road in Salisbury.

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The Seacoast Marine Mammal Rescue Team posted on Facebook that the seal, "likely newly weaned from mom and trying to figure out things on his own," followed the beach access path that many use to access the beach.

The seal ended up in the middle of the street Wednesday, and homeowners in the area and a Salisbury police officer kept the animal safe, closing down the road until the Seacoast Marine Mammal Rescue Team arrived.

"We got the call while we were up in the science center, and it was actually a neighborhood resident who called it in," Ashley Stokes, rescue manager at the Seacoast Science Center, said. 

Police borrowed cones from a nearby Verizon worker, then an officer and a homeowner waited for Stokes' team. 

"We immediately collected the seal so we could move it off the side of the road," Stokes said. 

The seal traveled an estimated 200 yards before it settled in its spot in the middle of the road.

"It's not a lot for you or I, but when you don't have legs and you are just relying on your front flippers to scoot you along, it's a long way," Stokes said. "It could have been very dangerous. Just beside us is a main road.”

The pup is estimated to be one to two months old, and was given a full health assessment. The team said the seal was skinny, slightly dehydrated and had a slightly cloudy right eye, but "was very feisty when handled; as a gray seal should be!"

The team administered fluids to the seal pup and tagged him on his hind flipper, and he was then relocated to a quiet spot before returning to the water.

"Thank you to the residents, police officer, and the Verizon worker, for closing down the street and keeping the animal safe until we arrived!" the team said.

Stoeks said it's very important for people in coastal areas to steer clear of seals and call animal rescue groups or police if one is in trouble.

"They all want to get that perfect photo, and it's just not safe for them," Stokes said. "It's extremely stressful for the animal."

A spokesman with the New England Aquarium said the gray seals are wanderers, and said it's not uncommon to see them on roads or in parking lots.

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